Giant Maltesers Teaser

by Barry Lewis


1.2kg good quality milk chocolate, broken into small pieces

600g maltesers

It’s the second snack pimping hack video of the Christmas period. The giant malteser has always been heavily requested, but I want to nail standard ones first. However, Maltesers also sell ‘Teasers’ and launched a ‘Giant’ one, which just like previous hacks, we can very simply turn into a proper giant one…. so if you know anyone that got one of these Giant Maltesers for Christmas, get them to keep the packaging and try this – it’s so easy and turned out great!

This one is incredibly simple – in fact, just 2 main ingredients are needed to pull this off…. Maltesers and milk chocolate!

First up melt 80% of the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl on 30 seconds blasts, stirring in between until fully melted, then add in the other 20% and stir through using the residual heat to melt fully. Keep it warm as needed during the moulding steps below.

Pour enough chocolate into the Teaser Mould (or you could use a jelly mould) and tilt it so the chocolate evenly covers the bottom and the sides. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to initially firm up, then remove and tilt again, adding slightly more chocolate if you wish to cover any gaps / weak points. Set for another few minutes in the mould.

Now slowly layer up the inside of the mould with the maltesers, a few rows at a time. Pouring chocolate in between the gaps and tapping down several times to get any air bubbles out and the chocolate right to the bottom. Keep layering the maltesers in until full adding chocolate between gaps until you reach the top. Do one big pour of chocolate and tap really well so that it works it’s way down to the bottom and into all the gaps, do this in batches until you have used all of your chocolate and have a nice level top. Give it a few more taps and then place in the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

Once set it should pop out of the mould fairly easily! Slice into chunks and serve up… the polka dot insides from the maltesers make it look identical to it’s standard sized relative! Share and enjoy another little fun hack 🙂