Giant Hanuta

by Barry Lewis


1kg nutella jar
1kg chopped roasted hazelnuts
130g cocoa powder
100 rectangular ice cream wafers
400g melted chocolate

So for this giant food I wanted to start something new where instead of continually doing things that are going to be difficult for you to replicate, I want to give you the chance to try making giant food for yourself using items like cake tins (in todays case) you should have around the house. Today we are making a giant Hanuta, which is a popular German hazelnut treat. I have done a video on how to make hanuta normal size before, but making the epic sized like this (possibly the worlds biggest?!) would go down a storm at a party.

The ingredients as always are down below.

First start off by getting a large mixing bowl and adding all the hazelnuts, follow up with the cocoa powder and mix through to cover them fully, they should change colour. Next up add the nutella, warm it in the microwave to help get it out the jar easier. Mix all of this really well together ensuring to get any cocoa powder at the bottom combined in the mixture. Although cocoa powder is not really essential, due to the size it will just help thicken the hanuta better. Mix well and push into a square cake tin (lined if you can) springform too if you have one. Stick in the fridge to firm up.

Now here comes the bit you need patience for, making the homemade wafers. Get some ice cream rectangular wafers and form them into a square shape, make sure they are bunched together and use the melted chocolate to seal the joins. Repeat and layer more wafer on top but stack it the opposite side to the layer before to add strength to it. Repeat this until you have 4 layers of wafer (this step may make more sense in the video). Put that to one side to set whilst you do the exact same thing and make a second square, once that is done let it set in the fridge for ten minutes. They should hold their shape as one big square if you have done it right!

Put a square down, coat in melted chocolate then carefully lay the slab of nutella mixture on top, it should take the load, then add a little more melted chocolate on top and then the second square to top it off. Stick this in the fridge for ten minutes to firm up and then you are all done! Slice the giant hanuta into chunks, have a small bite then go for a big run! Enjoy

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