Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Barry Lewis

You guys are asking for so much giant food at the moment, so i’m planning on ensuring I can give you a new one every 4 weeks going forward. To make this possible sometimes I may need other helpers when James isn’t available, such as Chloe here. I’ll also be reaching out to other friends, family, subscibers (looks like I may be doing a giant food in Germany with a subscriber) and fellow YouTubers (yes, Ashens is already keen to do one), anyhow hope you enjoy Chloe’s super fun attempt at making a giant chocolate chip cookie! I made a giant erupting cake with Phoebe Years ago, so it was only fair Chloe got a chance too. Despite having a cold she was still full of energy and did most of the steps herself, the cookie tasted warm and gooey and it has now been cut into chunks and given away (warmed in the microwave the evening we made it, it tasted amazing!). Enjoy!

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