Giant Toffifee

by Barry Lewis


650g caster sugar

1tbsp golden syrup

100ml water

400ml double cream (don’t use single!)

50g butter

100g chopped nuts

100g caster sugar (for the big nut)

100g milk chocolate

100g dark chocolate

2kg nutella

800g nougat

Alright then folks, so you want to make a homemade Giant Toffifee or Toffifay as they are called in some places? Well, after an epic battle around the kitchen, i’ve managed to do it, and if you can get everything working for you, like I eventually did, you’ll realise it tastes just like the real thing! So down below is the method I used to make the giant toffifee, with a few hints and tips. These are the exact measures I ended up using, so if making smaller (i’d suggest you do!), then halve them.

Start off by getting a large round tin, big enough for you to make a circle of caramel and line the inside of your mixing bowl to make a caramel carcass. We are making this thing inside out, ok. Line it with cling film and lightly grease it.

In a pan add the sugar, water, cream and golden syrup (or corn syrup if you have that), whisk together over the heat and keep stirring until dissolved. Leave this and increase the heat and let it reach 125 degrees on a candy thermometer. You should not really touch this at all, that’s best practice when making caramel, but I actually did, just very briefly towards the end with a silicone spatula, just scraped the bottom of the pan to check the colour and prevent it burning. Remove from the heat and place in the butter, stir through briefly and pour the hot (and very, very dangerous) caramel into your tin, let it spread out into a big circle and leave it, for a good 45 mins to set. Don’t go near it, it’s hot!

Make the giant hazelnut by adding the 100g sugar in a saucepan and warming it over a low flame, keep heating it until it melts and stir to help other clumps break down, do not overheat it. Next up pour in the chopped nuts, and stir through quickly, the sugar will grab the nuts and you can then mould it with some baking parchment into a ball shape. It’s best to let it cool for a few minutes before shaping it as it will be very hot, so keep moulding it every minute or so until it cools. Leave the nut to one side.

To make the filling melt some nougat and nutella together in a large saucepan. Until a smooth but stingy mixture is formed, you can use a splash of milk if you want to help break the mixture down a bit if it feels a bit tough to stir. But you must keep your eye on it and stir it regularly, or it will burn.

With the large caramel circle cooled, lift it out, keeping the cling film on and place into the mixing bowl to help shape it. Press against the sides to make the toffifee shape. Place a nut inside and pour the nutella nougat into it. Make sure the nougat is cooled enough before pouring it in as you do not want it to heat the caramel and effect the shape of it.

Let it settle on top and try to create a small ridge or crust with the caramel by turning up the edges of the caramel. This is so that our melted chocolate will sit in it for the next step.

Melt the milk and dark chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water (or in a microwave on 30 second blasts) and pour carefully on top of the Toffifee, allow to set to room temperature before placing in the fridge to set overnight.

Next day carefully remove from the fridge, turn out from the mould, using a blunt knife to help around the edges to loosen so it pops out, then your giant toffifee is made! This would make an awesome alternative to a Birthday cake or for a fun event if you know a Toffifee or Toffifay lover!

I hope you enjoyed this giant food attempt, if you want to see others made to date, please click here for more giant food recipe videos.