Epic Smore Milkshake

by Barry Lewis


handful marshmallows
3 chocolate bars (melted leave 2 squares for s’more)
graham crackers (bashed, but leave 2 for s’more)
4 scoops ice cream
600ml (21oz) milk
chocolate sauce
whipped cream

This was a recipe request that came in through the website and I was immediately thinking, oh holy wow this sounds incredible. Claire sent me a request to try a S’more milkshake – it is indeed an epic smore milkshake no doubt about it. Vanilla milkshake with graham cracker bits, a chocolate crusted outer edge to the glass topped with whipped cream, indoor toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce, graham craacker crumbs and a whole s’more shoved in for good measure – very, very naughty!

First thing to do is get your chocolate melted up so do this in a bowl over simmering water, meanwhile bash up your graham cracker into crumbs, but leave two squares.

Toast your marshmallows on the hob as indicated in the video, or you can do them indoor using a microwave but you will not get that charred edge. Make 5 or so toasted marshmallows and leave to one side. Also make a complete s’more now, using the whole graham cracker you reserved some pieces of chocolate and a toasted marshmallow, again leave to one side.

Dip your serving glass into the melted chocolate to create a chocolate rimmed edge, then sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top of the glass, they should stick to it and create a fantastic looking edge. Put in the fridge to firm up.

Whizz up the vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender with some graham cracker crumbs, you are now ready to assemble the smore milkshake!

Pour the milkshake into the glass, top with whipped cream, then push in the toasted marshmallows. Sprinkle on some more graham cracker crumbs, shove in the whole s’more you made earlier then drizzle in chocolate sauce.

You need to eat this with a spoon and also drink with a straw then go for a very, very long run. Thanks Claire for the suggestion, keep them coming guys and i’ll pick out as many as I can.