Jager Cookie Milkshake

by Barry Lewis


3 large scoops vanilla ice-cream
handful of crushed ice
2 shots of Jägermeister (omit if you like or swap)
90ml (0.4 cups) milk
whipped cream for topping (optional)
extra shot single cream (optional)
4 oreos bashed roughly
1 oreo halved for decoration

In this video recipe learn how to make a Jager cookie milkshake, a chocolate twist of a jager cocktail that will really get you going. Super easy to make let me show you how!

My voice was pretty much lost during this video so it’s a much shorter punchy one, although I kind of like that for a change too in this style! It really is as simple as combining all of the ingredients into a blender to make this awesome jager cookie milkshake. The oreos add that familiar flavour too of cookies and cream. There’s not much else to say really other than to chuck it all in the blender and enjoy!….. but of course switch that alcohol to your favourite if you like or for a non-alcoholic one omit altogether, my kids loved it.