Edible Skulls!

by Barry Lewis


Sheet of ready made pizza dough

400g tin of tomatoes

1 garlic clove, chopped

handful fresh basil

12 pepperoni slices, chopped

red food colouring

600g mix of cheddar and mozzarella

Dessert Skull

1kg white chocolate, melted

2 Litres jelly (any colour)

Black food colouring (optional)

Alright so this video making edible skulls has turned out super fun, but also worked an absolute charm! If you’d like to give this a go you’ll need this skull pan from Wilton which makes a huge skull figure! It’s very good quality too so you should get many uses out of it….

So lets start with the white chocolate skull with jelly filling. Begin by picking your two jelly colours (or just one) and make a good litre of each jelly as per instructions (each skull half worked out this rough size) place in the fridge to set as per normal…. in reality I had quite a bit left looking back so you can maybe get away with 1.5litres of jelly but you can eat any spare of course!

Meanwhile melt white chocolate in small batches and brush it into the centre of the mould. At first not much will happen and it will not really cling to it, but over time you can keep building up the layers of chocolate putting it in the fridge as you go. Keep doing this until you have a nice thick layer of chocolate in both skull halves, putting in the fridge each time to set and firm up.

Break up the jelly once set a bit and transfer into the skull halves, melt some more chocolate and spread on top of both halves to create a small chocolate barrier that will stop the jelly falling out once set, fridge to firm up this barrier bit.

Once set, turn the skulls out carefully and join together using more white chocolate to act as a glue, as per the video this holds up pretty well! Fridge to firm it up and that’s it! Smash away with jelly zombie style brains flying out of it! You can if you wish water down some black food dye and paint the skull a bit to create more detail!

For the pizza skulls grease one half of the tin (the face side, we don’t use the other side) lightly in butter, carefully drape the pizza dough into it, do this in portions if easier and cut off any excess, place in the fridge.

Meanwhile make a simple pizza sauce by adding the garlic to the pan with a little olive oil, cooking for 30 seconds, before adding the tomatoes, basil and some salt, simmer down until thickened for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool.

While the sauce is cooling add the grated cheese to a mixing bowl, and add some red food colouring, mix well to coat.

Carefully layer the cheese, pepperoni and sauce into the skull, keep going until you have made it to nearly the top. Put some more pizza dough on top to join and seal the skull together. Grab an egg and beat it together in a small bowl and brush over the top of the dough, crimp it together to seal if necessary.

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the top is golden brown at 170c fan (or 190c) allow to cool for a few moments before turning out of the tin! Amazing 🙂 Open with caution it could be hot!