Edible Lego Man

by Barry Lewis


white baking chocolate
food dye (oil based)
chopped hazelnuts
lego men silicone mould
handful marzipan
black icing pen

So in this video I am showing you how to make an edible lego man, well lots of edible lego men in fact! It’s a really fun thing to do, takes a little bit of time but is really worthwhile. Plus it stops the kids or dog sticking real bits of lego in their mouths!

To make the edible lego man possible you need to dye some white chocolate, the best thing to do this by using food oils as they stop the white chocolate hardening. You will also need a Lego mould which you can order online, links to both of these are here:

Buy the lego mould here

Get oil based food dye here

So with everything else it is up to you how you go about this. I had some ready rolled marzipan to act as a plug in my moulds also.

Start by melting up your chocolate and then mixing through each dye in separate bowls. I started with the yellow food dye first, using the marzipan to plug gaps I wanted to be other colours. Whack the mould in the freezer and within ten minutes it will be firm enough to take out the marzipan and add a different colour. Repeat these steps until the Lego men moulds are all full.

One thing I did not mention in the video (although as you will see they are listed in the ingredients) is that you can add different fillings and I poured hazelnuts into some of the bodies before topping up with more chocolate – certainly mixing this up with the colours and different extracts could make an enormous difference to the final product.

Once fully firmed up in the freezer allow to adjust to room temperature before drawing on facial features with a fine black icing pen – that’s it! The only limit is your imagination, it could go well with an awesome lego cake!