Edible Erupting Volcano

by Barry Lewis


Rice Krispie Mountain

700g butter

600g marshmallows

700g rice krispies

600g Milk chocolate, melted


Approx 6 lemons, juice only

2 small packs of orange jelly

1tbsp bicarbonate of soda


300g Butter

600g Icing sugar

Green food colouring

A recipe rewind back to a classic we did with Phoebe – the edible erupting volcano…. this time Phoebe helps out her younger sister Chloe’s homework project! This makes an awesome DIY project for kids and it tastes good too. The rice krispies really help to make it look like a rocky terrain too. Hope you try it – big kids are allowed too ok 🙂

The first thing you need to do for this is work out what you are making this on, we used cardboard wrapped in foil, but you could use a baking tray or something to keep the eruption in.

Ok to make the marshmallow mountain, get a very large pan, add the butter and melt over a low heat stirring all the time. Now add the marshmallows and stir through until melted and smooth! Keep stirring to stop it burning and keep the heat low as it melted. Take off the heat and stir in the rice krispies as best you can, keep stirring until fully coated. Due to the size of it we turned it out onto our foil and then used spatulas to shape the mountain, as it cools it will firm up and hold its shape, so do this until it starts to hold, eventually you’ll have a mountain shape, or whatever you want to!

When it cools use a knife to core a hole in the middle big enough to put a cup for the lava eruption, a plastic cup works well. Anything cored out can be eaten for taste testing purposes of course! When it’s cooled brush the mountain with the melted chocolate to make it look realistic. You could take it further with different coloured chocolates like red, orange and yellow (dyed white chocolate) running down the mountain.

The grass is made by making a simple buttercream, so whisk together the butter and icing sugar with a electric whisk until smooth and creamy, then add in the green food colouring whisking until well blended and combined. Spread this on your base – we use foil wrapped over cardboard.

To make the reaction, first make the jelly. Make it to package instructions but using 50% of the fluid you would normally. The rest of it will come from the lemon juice. Make the jelly with hot water as per normal and allow to stand for ten minutes to cool or until at room temperature (we don’t want to burn anyone despite it being lava!)… meanwhile juice all the lemons. Pour the lemon juice in with the jelly in the cup and mix together. When ready, add the bicarbonate of soda stir for a few cycles, then it should bubble over! Amazing!