Chocolate Tempering 4 ways

by Barry Lewis

I ended up hiring a chocolate tempering machine for a week, so figured the best thing to do with it is put it to the test against other methods – bain marie, microwave and sous vide and find out which one works best. I also use super expensive chocolate and some very cheap stuff with some surprising results! This is a follow up to a previous video where I tempered both milk, dark and white chocolate.

After watching the video and taking a step back, in conclusion the best results certainly were the tempering machine, even the really cheap chocolate ended up with a lovely shine on it and was super strong, which I was totally not expecting! Next up would be the sous vide method, that made the temperature control so simple (especially considering it was my first time doing it!)…. next up the bain marie as you still have that control with the thermometer, but you can definitely get a fairly acceptable result from a microwave, short blasts with grated chocolate and a thermometer too, you could probably do it.

I hope you found this video as interesting as I did!