Chocolate Samosa

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
8 mins


Filo pastry sheets
butter, melted
chocolate popping candy spread

In this video recipe I’ll show you how to make incredibly simple, fast and delicious chocolate samosas! They are absolutely incredible, chocolate popping candy is optional but also essential if you get me!

All you need is the three ingredients listed on this page (unless you intend to make your own filo pastry which isn’t too hard, but this saves time).

Start by getting a sheet of filo pastry and brushing one half in butter, then folding over itself to double up the thickness. It should be a square shape. Cut this into long rectangles lenthways, you will get about 3 out of each one.

Then one strip at a time fold a corner edge in to form a triangle against the upper part, dab with butter and repeat in the opposite direction, keep going until you get to a pocket opening. (It’s best to watch the video to explain that bit), fill the pocket with whatever you like, I went for chocolate popping candy, about a teaspoon is enough. Once full continue to fold over to seal the chocolate in place.

It is important to keep the filo pastry cool whilst making them so once made keep in the fridge. You can now either pan fry or bake them. I put mine on a baking tray for 8 minutes at the temperatures seen in the video until puffed up and crispy.

Serve with some melted chocolate to dunk in and a good dusting of icing sugar, chocolate samosa tastic!