Chocolate Hummus

by Barry Lewis

I was unsure whether to title this video chocolate hummus or chocolate houmous, but Google is telling me everyone types hummus so we will go with that. This is a quirky recipe indeed that I was sent in here through the website to try out. Basically making hummus – still using chickpeas, but in a sweet sense, a sort of potential healthier nutella vibe runs through it and I kind of enjoyed it.

The steps are extremely simple, all you do is whizz up all of the ingredients in a food processor, except for the almond milk at first, get it so it is nice and thick, then gradually add the milk to your liking and you are happy with the consistency. Serve with fresh fruit.

One thing I would suggest is that soaking the dates is mandatory, it helps get the centres out easier and them whizz up better in the processor.

Have a go at this and let me know what you think!