Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
15 mins


Gem lettuce for serving

1 chicken breast

2 bacon rashers

1 slice of stale bread

2tbsp mayo

2tbsp sour cream

2tsp dijon mustard

2 anchovies

1 garlic clove (add this if your anchovies are not flavoured)

salt and pepper

tbsp parmesan

extra parmesan for serving

In this video recipe learn how to make some super delicious chicken caesar salad wraps complete with homemade croutons and caesar salad dressing!

First up lets make the caesar salad dressing – combine the mayo, sour cream, dijon mustard, garlic clove, anchovies, grating of parmesan, plus salt and pepper into a food processor, then whizz up to combine. It should all become smooth and taste (hopefully to your liking, but feel free to tweak!). In the video my anchovies were flavoured in garlic already so I omitted the garlic clove, but just chuck in a peeled and roughly bashed one and the processor will do all the work.

Cook your chicken and bacon to your liking – grilled, fried or baked it’s all good! Then cut into bite size portions.

Slice the crusts off of some stale bread and discard then brush the bread either side in melted butter. Slice the bread into strips and then the other way to create mini squares, place on a baking tray for 15-20 minutes at gas mark 3 or equivalent (see cooking conversion charts).

Then all thats left to do is serve the salad in the gem leaves, pile chicken and bacon chunks in with the croutons, drizzle on the homemade caesar salad dressing and some extra parmesan shavings, bloomin’ gorgeous!