BBQ Piri Piri Chicken Recipe

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
60 mins


1 chicken, spatchcocked

5tbsp olive oil

50ml vinegar

4tbsp lemon juice

2tsp chilli flakes

2tsp cayenne pepper

2tsp sweet paprika

pinch of salt

1 tsbp chopped garlic

BBQ piri piri chicken? Yes you read that correctly. You know a barbecue one of those things that as an Englishman I roll out once a Year, in fact as I type now, despite it being July, it’s raining…. well, thanks to the lovely folks at villa plus we were sent to Portugal and filmed an awesome video diary, and whilst there I took it upon myself to make a bbq piri piri chicken recipe given to me by a local (well, he gave me 3!) but this was a wet marinade style and worked a charm on the BBQ!

So for this one you need to get hold of a spatchcock chicken and ideally have time to leave it to marinade overnight or for a good few hours.

Grab a deep dish and place the chicken into it, so it fits relatively comfortably.

Now mix all of the marinade ingredients together into a mixing bowl until well combined and brush all over the chicken. Be sure to get it coated and stained with the tangy orange colour in every gap possible on both sides of the chicken. Leave to marinade ideally overnight or a few hours in the fridge.

When ready to BBQ the chicken get the bbq hot with white coals, place the chicken directly over an oiled grate and BBQ for x or until really well charred. Baste the chicken as you go with any marinade left in the dish. Flip the chicken and get it as flat as you can and cook the other side, again until well charred, really try to get that super crispness.

The chicken will not fully cook through in this time, so push the coals to the side a little and cook the chicken for another 25 minutes using indirect heat – you could also do this in the oven if you wish. To check the chicken is cook through make a deep incision with a knife between the thigh and breast and you should hopefully see nice white chicken meat with juices running through clearly.

Let rest in another clean dish, with some foil over the top for ten minutes before serving up with salad and/or chips!