Birthday Mug Cake

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
5 mins


2tbsp butter

1 large egg

1tbsp vanilla extract

1tbsp milk

3tbsp caster sugar

4tbsp self raising flour

pink ready roll icing

approx 2tbsp icing sugar mixed with a drop of water to a thick paste

hundreds & thousands (optional)

This recipe could not be simpler – a Birthday mug cake! Make it for yourself, make it for a friends Birthday with one candle, make it if you have a sudden cake craving! But be warned, it is rather naughty indeed as you find out when building it, but really it is more than enough to share with one or two people. The taste though above all is what really surprised me, this recipe was sent in via the contact form here on the website and boy was I a little unsure when I first tackled it! But hey ho, it was certainly worth it indeed!

First up take your mug and push in the butter, microwave the butter for 15 seconds or until just melted, don’t overdo it. If you take it out and there is a little lump or two of butter, just stir it through until smooth.

Then crack in the egg, drop in the vanilla and pour in the milk and again stir through – essentially all the wet stuff is now in there. Mix through until well combined. Add in the sugar and flour, this will thicken the mixture considerably, mix well with a fork until fairly smooth. If you wish you can now stir through some sprinkles as in the video, but I found this a little unnecessary really but I went with the recipe that was sent in!

Ok so it’s time to microwave it. My microwave is 800 watt, and it took 90 seconds, opening the door every 30 seconds or so just to stop it spilling over potentially. If your wattage microwave is higher it may cook quicker, you’ll know when you see bubbles on the surface and it has firmed up. Microwave the mug on a plate just in case of spillages too so it’s easier to clean. Allow to cool then remove from the microwave safely. When safe to do so gently slide a knife around the edge of the mug to loosen the cake from the side of the mug, turn it out onto a board so you have a nice cake dome!

Roll out some ready rolled pink icing on a chopping board to a thin size, dust with a little icing sugar when doing so to prevent sticking. Spread a thin layer of jam over the cooled sponge, this is good to fill any holes, you only need a thin even layer though for flavour and to act as a sort of glue. Drape the icing carefully over the jam covered sponge, cutting away any excess.

Now if you wish spoon on more icing sugar mixed with water and let it drizzle down the sides a bit, add sprinkles then place in a candle before gobbling up! The taste will (hopefully!) surprise you!

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