Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

by Barry Lewis


2 slices of good quality bread
14 rashers of bacon
5 slices of cheese

The title is pretty self explanatory here, yes this is a bacon wrapped grilled cheese. A grilled cheese sandwich, completely encased in bacon, deary me, yes it is insanely good, but also insanely naughty! I’ve had a few messages recently about attempting this recipe myself as some of you had seen a few videos on this and had failed for a variety of reasons, here is how I did it, restricting the movement of the bacon as much as possible.

First make the sandwich, get the two slices of bread, do not butter them – although you could if you wish, place cheese in the middle of the bread well spread apart. Lay down strips of bacon (it took me 7 strips) slightly overlapping eachother to completely cover the width of the sandwich. Bring up the sides of the bacon lifting it over and letting it overlap the top of the sandwich. Lay down another 7 strips in the opposite direction to the first strips, carefully turn the sandwich over onto the new strip layer so that the sides stay tucked under and again lift over to fully seal the sandwich.

Get a frying pan hot with no oil over a medium flame. Carefully lift the sandwich in and cook crease side down until the bacon browns fully underneath. Now what others were told to do next was flip the bacon over but this is where a few people failed as it would unravel, my solution to this is to lift the sandwich out of the pan and turn off the hob. Turn your grill / broiler on and then grill for a good 5 minutes or until cooked through, doing this method also cooked the sides well too saving you having to sear the edges. Allow to stand for a moment before slicing open and letting the gooey cheese spill out! Yummy!