Grilled Cheese Hearts

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
5 mins


Bread slices – white/brown/granary etc
Butter for spreading
Good quality cheddar cheese slices
Heart shape cutter

In this video i’m joined by my wife cooking for the first time together on video! We are making grilled cheese and not just any grilled cheese, heart shaped to go with a cool valentines theme using a heart shaped cutter.

Making grilled cheese could not be simpler, and of course you can make tweaks to it.

Simply butter two slices of bread on one side each. Flip the bread over so that the butter is facing down and lay strips of cheese evenly on top. Place the other slice of bread on top butter side up, so effectively the butter is pointing down and up at the moment!

If you are making normal grilled cheese skip to the next step, but for the valentines twist we used a heart shaped cutter and turned our bread into little heart shapes.

Place into a warm frying pan and cook until browned, flip over and brown the other side – it takes about 3 to 4 minutes each side and there is no need to oil the pan as the butter provides enough.

When the grilled cheese is ready eat straight away! Serve with some soup or dunk in ketchup – these taste super good and the heart shape just gives it a little valentines grilled cheese twist!

I hope you enjoy the video and have a go at making these awesome grilled cheese hearts.