Cheddar cheese pillows

by Barry Lewis


2 square blocks of cheddar cheese

2 sheets ready made pizza dough

4 slices of bacon, fat trimmed

1 red onion, diced

160ml milk

180g elbow pasta, cooked

1tsp paprika

Handful freshly chopped parsley

salt & pepper, to season

2 eggs

Chefclub network make some pretty crazy video recipes, I decided to try one – ‘cheddar cheese pillows’ which did not turn out anything like pillows, but macaroni aside, were actually not too bad!

How to make cheese pillows

Take the cheese (it is best if it is at room temperature for this step for a little bit)… using a glass that is just slightly less wider than the cheese cut out a hole through the centre of the block of cheese like a cookie cutter, remove the circle of cheese and slice up into small pieces.

Wrap the cheese that’s leftover with the hole in the middle in the pizza dough to fully cover it and form a sort of ash tray shape. Slice the bacon into thin strips, grab a frying pan and fry up the bacon and onions with a little oil until charred, add in the cheese and milk and keep cooking on a low gentle heat until a cheese sauce has formed.

Add in the already cooked pasta, paprika, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir well. This alone is one of the best macaroni cheese’s I have ever tasted. Fill the pastry covered cheese with the macaroni cheese as much as possible, top with an egg and give an optional egg wash to the pastry, then bake for 20 minutes at 350f/180c/160fan/Gas4 until browned. Make sure the egg is fully cooked through, 20 minutes should definitely do it!

Sprinkle extra parsley on top when serving if you wish, best served warmed! Like I say, would I make this again? Nope! However, I would definitely make just the bacon and onion macaroni cheese filling, but you have to try this once to make your mind up and you will likely have some leftovers!