Mashed Potato Bacon Cheese Balls

by Barry Lewis


small bowl Mashed potato
cheddar cheese cut into 1 inch cubes
1 red chilli, chopped
4 bacon rashers, cooked & chopped
1tbsp chives
1 egg
panko breadcrumbs
sunflower oil to fry
sour cream & chive dip to serve

These Mashed Potato Bacon Cheese Balls are a real crowd pleaser perfect for a party! Mashed potato stuffed with cheese, chives and bacon bits, surrounded in a panko breadcrumb coating, absolutely out of this World. I got absolutely bombarded with requests to make these balls but the ones I had seen before were wrapped in bacon, which as we know doesn’t always work out great and sometimes unravels, so I decided to wedge my bacon inside with the potato.

Start by making your mashed potato (if you have already done this and it’s chilled the night before, that’s perfect skip making the potato!)…. make the potato to your liking but make sure it is quite thick if it is too runny it will not bond and hold together very well.

Add in the ingredients of your choice, I combined chives, with chopped red chilli and cooked bacon bits. Mix well to fully incorporate together then add an egg and mix through. Do this while the potato is cold or you will cook the egg in the potato!

When the potato is easy enough to handle push a block of cheese into a handful of it and roll it a ball to encase it. Next roll the ball of mashed potato into the panko breadcrumbs to coat fully. While doing this place the balls back in the fridge if you can to hold their shape.

Warm your oil and carefully lower the balls into a pan one at a time, let the cook in the oil and rest on kitchen towel to one side. Repeat with all of the mashed potato bacon cheese balls and then simply serve with a sour cream and chive dip. Super good!