Avocado Bacon Bombs

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
5 mins


Medium eggs

smoked bacon rashers (approx 8 for each avocado)

ripe avocado

lemon (juice only)

This was without doubt one of the ‘on paper’ as I had no image to go by, easiest recipes to go by that sounded super intriguing (it was submitted on here via the contact form). Avocado bacon bombs! Essentially it’s called a bomb I guess as the egg in the centre explodes out when sliced open. We have a hollowed out avocado, soft boiled egg sat inside with a bacon wrap along the outside to form a sort of shell. Warning, this is very, very, tricky to master, but I at least hope from my video you can pick up some tips to save some time. If you’ve got some cocktail sticks and string to hand, this will really help, i’ll explain why below!

First up it’s time to soft boil the eggs. So get a pan of water on to boil, then reduce to a steady simmer, nice and gentle bubbles mean it’s good to go. Place them in and cook for 6-7 minutes setting a timer if you wish, then remove from the pan and set into a bowl of ice water, this prevents the eggs cooking. Leave them to chill.

Slice up the lemon and squeeze out the juice, keep to one side with a pastry brush handy to paint the avocado in the citric acid in a moment, doing so helps the avocado not lose it’s colour and go brown as quick. Speaking of the avocados keep them in the fridge until needed, last minute ideally.

Take the bacon and arrange the strips on a chopping board just overlapping eachother, creating a sort of bacon carpet. The avocado will sit on here and get rolled up.

So for the avocado, the instructions I sent were to roll it up and the cook it on the seam, that is sort of correct, but as you will see in the video the avocado tries to open up so I have a few more tips for you built into this step. First make sure that you keep the avocado skin on until last, this will prevent it getting mushy….

Slice the avocado through the middle with a sharp knife through the stone, you are going through the middle of it not lengthwise how you would normally do it. 90 degrees the other way so to expose the stone and create an opening in a moment. You should have two avocado halves with a stone in, using a spoon scoop out the stone bits in each half. Brush the avocado with lemon juice to prevent it going brown. Now place an egg into the larger opening to work out how much avocado is going to need to be cored out.

Using a spoon slowly and carefully scratch away bits of the avocado to create the opening so that the egg can be put inside and the other end of the avocado encases it – cool huh, well it is but also it won’t stay like this when cooking, it’ll want to open up as I found. Anyhow enough of that for the moment, put the egg to one side and take the skin off the avocado halves, place the egg inside the openings and seal the egg in place.

Next wrap the bacon around the avocado fully and tightly, taking care to grip it fairly well so the egg does not push open out of the avocado and stretch the bacon. I did two things here, one use cocktail sticks to hold the bacon in place at first and then, crucially I believe, used some cooking string to tie around the bacon and hold together the avocado, preventing it opening.

Warm a frying pan with some vegetable oil and then place the bacon bomb seam side down, cook it until well charred to stiffen and seal the bacon. Next slowly move it around the pan, moving any cocktail sticks you may have inside it. You can even take it out of the pan onto a chopping board and re-adjust cocktail stick then too. I found these critical to hold the bacon in place that wants to cook. Keep doing this until the whole thing is cooked then remove from the oven, allow to cool briefly and remove the string / cocktail sticks.

To be honest mine was not perfect, but it did work when I sliced it open and the egg was still runny! Now that i’ve tried it out, with the above tips you should be able to give it a good go! Good luck with it and let me know how you get on!