Apple Fritters

by Barry Lewis


Apple fritter dough

140g plain flour

2tsp baking powder

½ tsp cinnamon

Pinch salt

2 tsp lemon juice

3 granny smith apples

2 tbsp sugar

2 large eggs, room temperature

80ml milk

Vegetable oil for frying

Icing glaze

180g icing sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

Tap water to add slowly, approx 3tbsp


I love making homemade donuts (or doughnuts) we’ve made some awesome ones here on the channel but we recently had a fairly disappointing apple fritter from a shop, was it supposed to taste of apple? What the heck is a fritter? Why am I asking questions to my self in the description box of a YouTube video? Well, it turns out fritters are awesome ‘lazy’ donuts in my opinion as you just chuck them in and take them the shape they come out, absolutely tremendous, icing drenched wonders! You don’t have to use apple either, other fruits too, or pineapple etc will work a charm! Good luck soldier, you’ll make these and want to eat them all instantly. DO NOT SHARE THEM … hide them and eat them all for yourself, you are worth it x

How to make homemade apple fritters

Alright, there’s no yeast, here, no proving, just good old fritter fun! Get a large bowl, add in the cinnamon, baking powder, plain flour and a pinch of salt, mix it together until a consistent dry mixture is achieved, leave it for the moment.

Get your apples, core and peel them, then slice into small square sizes, these form the bumps in the fritter that give it character! To stop them going brown and to give more flavour add the lemon juice to the apples and stir to coat as you chop up each one, make sure the lemon juice has coated all the apple pieces.

Next grab an electric whisk and beat together the sugar and eggs for a few minutes until pale in colour and well incorporated, keep whisking as you add in the cinnamon flour mixture from earlier, do it in a few batches and keep whisking until combined, don’t over whisk it though. Just make sure its all combined. Add half the milk and stir through, you don’t want the mixture too runny, so if you think it’s quite runny already don’t add the rest of the milk and consider adding a little more flour, but it should be ok, just remember you have to dollop it in hot oil so need to be careful!

Add the apples to the mix and fold in so they are fully randomised in the batter. Get a large pan and warm the oil, fill the pan approx. ½ full with oil and warm to 180c on a thermometer. Keep it at this temperature the best you can, too hot and they’ll burn and be raw inside, too cold and they could droop and fall apart as they cook.

Scoop up chunks of the batter on a spoon and push into the oil when ready, it’ll cook instantly and hold it’s shape, changing colour quite quick, but don’t be fooled, keep the temperature steady and let it fry away cooking for a good 5 minutes if you can, flipping in between to ensure a consistent colour is achieved. If you make them quite large the frying time will need to increase. Small ones won’t need so long, play around with it, but don’t be fooled by the outside colour. Got it? Ok, once done safely lift out and rest on a wire rack and pat with a bit of kitchen towel. Repeat with rest of the batter (which you could freeze ahead of time of course)….allow them to cool before you start making the icing or it’ll run off the fritters if they are still hot.

To make the icing glaze add the vanilla extract and 2tsp water to a bowl with the icing sugar, stir it with a spatula, it’ll be rough at first, but keep going adding water a tsp at a time, until the icing sugar has dissolved but it is a thick glue-like texture. Too watery and it’ll still work but be thinner and run off the fritters and look more faded, it’s personal choice but I like mine thick and glossy icing style.

Drizzle over the fritters and allow the icing to set for a little bit, then gobble up and store in airtight containers if you have any left but eat within the next day or so.