Pork apple and bacon burgers

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
10 mins


500g (17.5oz) pork mince
1 grated apple
1 chopped red chilli
1 onion, chopped
1 beaten egg
1tsp ground cumin
pinch salt

serve with bacon, burger sauce, rocket salad & buns

Ah I do love a good burger, in fact there is nothing better than making your own from scratch, especially because you can tweak it exactly to your tastebuds approval.
These pork, apple and bacon burgers are incredibly good and will hopefully do away with the myth that pork can be quite bland, the combo of the pork with the apple, cumin and onion goes down a storm, give these a go!

The steps to making these pork burgers are minimal, basically get one large bowl and combine all of the ingredients together in there, make sure you get your clean hands in the bowl and work through well until fully randomised. Now the ingredients on this page are enough for 4 large burgers, but you could always switch these up to be meatballs.

Once moulded lay on baking parchment with another sheet on top and stick in the fridge for twenty minutes to firm up. Get a pan with a little oil and warm up then cook the patties until golden brown either side, roughly 5 minutes. Then rest to one side on kitchen towel. Note, for peace of mind you can warm the burgers through in the oven for ten minutes nobody wants a medium rare pork burger. Use the residual oil in the pan to cook some bacon rashers and again place on kitchen towel.

Serve in a toasted bun, with the patty, burger sauce, bacon and other toppings of your choice, tomato slices and rocket salad works well.

I hope you give these pork apple and bacon burgers a try, they are delicous and super easy to make.