3 waffle maker recipes part 2

by Barry Lewis


Breakfast quesadilla

Small tortillas

Cooked sausage, cut into small pieces

Cooked bacon, cut into small pieces

Handful cheddar cheese, grated

Scrambled egg, made ahead of time, seasoned

1 tomato, sliced into small pieces, seeds removed

Hot dog waffle

Pack of cooked hot dogs

Slice of bread (1 per dog)

Waffle / pancake mix packet

Ketchup to serve

Brownie waffle

Pack of brownie mix

1 extra egg to that stated on packet mix

Ice cream to serve

We had so much fun making 3 different waffle recipes as a family that we decided to try out some more after being sent lots more suggestions! So today, we’re making a breakfast quesadilla, hot dog waffle & a chocolate brownie! They all work so well, I think a waffle maker is slowly becoming my favourite small appliance, it never seems to fail!


Breakfast quesadilla

Place one tortilla in the lightly oiled (but not turned on) waffle maker. Lay your ingredients on top, fairly thinly with cheese first, then cheese last to act as a glue that will melt and hold it all together. Place the other tortilla on top. Then press down and turn the waffle maker on, cooking until browned and the cheese is melting, approx 5 minutes.

Hot dog waffle

Take a slice of bread and roll out thinly on a board with a rolling pin. Roll the hot dog fully in it and use toothpicks to secure in place. Make the batter to package instructions, dip the bread wrapped hot dog in the batter, lightly oil the waffle maker, then cook for 5-6 minutes or until browned. Make sure that when cooking you press down on the waffle maker to flatten the sausages or it will not cook fully. Remove and take out the toothpicks, then serve with ketchup.

Brownie waffle

For this one make the waffle mixture in a bowl to package instructions, but to help it firm up more, add in one extra egg when making it. Oil the waffle maker well to help it not stick, cook for around 6 minutes, open and it should be sponge like. Check with a toothpick if you like that it comes out clean. Allow to cool slightly before removing from the waffle maker and serving with ice cream.