3 waffle maker recipes

by Barry Lewis


Pepperoni pizza waffles

Ready made pizza dough

150g mozzarella cheese, grated

2-3 tbsp pizza sauce

Pepperoni slices to top

Hash brown waffles

700g Potatoes, grated

100g cheddar cheese, grated

2 eggs, beaten

1tsp mixed herbs, optional

Good sprinkle of salt and pepper

50g dried onions

Egg and bacon to serve

Churro waffles

130g plain flour

30g caster sugar

½ tsp baking powder

1tsp bicarb of soda

250ml buttermilk

100g butter, melted

1 large egg

1tsp vanilla extract

For the cinnamon sugar

50g caster sugar

1tbsp cinnamon

For the ganache

100g chocolate chips

1tsp cinnamon

80ml double cream

I’ve had this waffle maker in the garage for over a Year, it’s time to put it to the test and make 3 different waffles in it! So lets go for a pepperoni pizza waffle, a hash brown waffle topped with egg and bacon, then a churro waffle complete with chocolate ganache! Gorgeous!

Pepperoni pizza waffles

Roll out the pizza dough on a floured surface, make into square shapes just smaller than the waffle maker area to allow for expansion. Put some pizza sauce onto one square leaving a gap around the edges, add the cheese, then the pepperoni and top with the other square. Crimp with a fork to seal in place. Pre-heat the waffle maker and give a good spray of oil. Cook for around 5 minutes or until browned and the dough is cooked. Allow to cool for a few minutes before eating this pizza pocket style waffle!

Hash brown waffles

First up when grating the potatoes they will get wet and release starch, you want to dry this out with kitchen towel, so pat it dry really well using several sheets as needed, squeezing out any moisture. Stick the dried potato in a bowl with the cheese, eggs, herbs, salt, pepper and dried onions. Mix well until well combined.

Oil your waffle maker and do not pre-heat it. Spoon the mixture into the waffle maker and fill most of the way as it will not expand. Once the bottom is nice and full, turn on the waffle maker and allow to cook until browned, this may take up to ten minutes, just push it as long as you can until they go brown checking from time to time to make sure the potatoes are cooked through. Allow to cool and serve with a fried egg and bacon on top!

Churro waffles

First up get all the wet ingredients in a bowl – the buttermilk, butter, vanilla and egg. Whisk together using an electric whisk until well combined. Slowly add in the dry ingredients – the flour, sugar, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. Whisk again until fully merged. This is the batter ready!

Oil the waffle maker and pre-heat it. Half fill the maker fill area as they expand a lot, and cook for around 5 minutes until lightly browned. Remove to cool.

To make the cinnamon sugar, simply mix the cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl until you achieve a nice consistent colour. Roll the warmed churro waffle in this mix once they are done.

For the ganache, warm the cream, chocolate chips and cinnamon in a microwave on 20 second blasts stirring as you go until a glossy chocolate mixture is achieved. Dunk the churro is this mixture and let set in the fridge for the ganache to set! Incredible!