Watermelon mojito

by Barry Lewis


1 large watermelon

bunch of mint leaves (stalks removed, chopped if you wish, use extra to garnish too if you like)

1 lime, cut into thing slices

200ml 7up lemon / lime drink or alternative

300ml white rum

I’m not the biggest fan of watermelon, it just tastes of water to me, but when you mix it with a few cheeky ingredients you get this wonderful cocktail – the watermelon mojito, complete with watermelon keg if you wish!

The steps are very simple and you can do this all in a blender if you prefer (remembering to strain off the seeds and flesh)
Take your watermelon fresh and mix it with 1 lime cut into small chunks, 7up, mint leaves and white rum to taste, give a stir to fully merge and hey presto all done.
It is very hard to give precise quantities due to the size of the watermelon (and how drunk you want your fellow drinkers to be after consuming), all I will say is though it is quite watered down so it really does need that nice kick to give it a boost accross the line, the juice of the lemon adds a little zing and tropical vibe whilst the mint and rum bring the mojito vibe. Below are the quantities I used, but as I say play around with it before serving. Also add ice if your watermelon isn’t chilled – enjoy!