Toblerone Mousse

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
30 mins


100g milk chocolate

1oog dark chocolate

350ml double cream

Toblerone bar

2tbsp honey

handful chopped nuts

coconut biscuits, bashed (optional)

Toblerone chocolate bars are not just for airports! Here Barry Lewis in this recipe video shows you how to make an easy toblerone chocolate mousse recipe that you can chuck together in no time!

The steps for this will blow your mind, there’s no egg in this one to whisk up, it’s a slightly ganache twist on a mousse that’s very naughty indeed.

Start off by melting your milk and dark chocoalte in a bowl over simmering water ensuring the water does not touch the bottom, or just put in the microwave on short blasts stirring until melted. Add in 80ml of the cream (reserving the rest in the fridge) but do not make it boil, stir using the residual heat to melt the chocolate until a smooth ganache is formed, leave to one side to cool.

Meanwhile slice 3 chunks of toblerone into chunky pieces (or fine if you wish).

Whip the remaining cream until just thickened using an electric whisk and then whisk through the honey briefly. Add in the toblerone chunks stirring through with a spoon until just combined, do not over stir it.

In two or three batches slowly add in the cream to the cooled chocolate mixture, folding through until well mixed. If you wish you could leave a little of the cream for presentation.

Spoon the mousse mixture into a serving glass, you’ll have enough for about 4 people. Then top with chopped nuts, bashed biscuit crumbs and extra toblerone pieces. Refrigerate for 30mins then serve.

Best made on the day you wish to eat them. This is very much an emergency mousse and tastes super just chilled, but be sure to share it!