The 450c Electric Indoor Pizza Oven

by Barry Lewis

Alrighty as you know i’m a big fan of pizza! In fact i’ve looked at a few different pizza oven gadgets before including this electric pizza machine from a charity shop.

They all sort of do ok, but pizza is all about heat! So if this machine – the “Elitalia Pizza Napoli” can reach temperatures of 450c, then there’s potential this could actually be pretty good indeed, it also came with a really handy paddle in 2 halves for getting it in and out of the oven!

Being the curious person I am in the kitchen I also decided to try out some other things in the oven – including chocolate brownies, fish and a frozen pizza you’d pick up in a shop to really put this to the test!

Let me know what you think and if you’d consider getting one!

Full pizza oven review video is here on YouTube or watch above 🙂