Super fluffy pancakes

by Barry Lewis


4 cups

plain flour, sifted (500 g)

4 tablespoons

 baking powder

4 cups

 milk, warm to the touch (960 mL)

¾ cup

 butter, melted(170 g)

3 egg yolks

4 egg whites

maple syrup, to serve

I get so many requests to make homemade pancakes. In this episode of Barry tries I take on Tasty’s fluffy pancake recipe and look to see if it’s as easy as it says – the reviews are mixed, most of you guys seem to love pancakes, so I had to put it to the test.

The steps, and indeed the ingredients are pretty similar to your normal pancake recipes, you are obviously using a considerable amount of baking powder and whipping up egg whites for some air and rise.

First up get the dry ingredients – the flour and the baking powder and mix together until combined. In a separate bowl, add the butter, milk, and egg yolks, stirring to combine too. And in one other bowl whisk just the egg whites until nice and fluffy and peaks form.

Pour the milky butter mixture into the flour mixture and stir until just combined. Add the beaten egg whites and gently fold to combine, I did this until only small blobs of egg white were left – the batter is now ready.

Grab a small frying pan (20cm) with a lid – I did not think it made a difference covering the hole on the lid if you have one – this is optional. Heat the pan over a low heat. Pour enough batter into the pan to cover two thirds of it, then cover with a lid. You are supposed to cook until golden brown on the bottom and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and the tasty recipe suggests about 20 minutes – for me though, perhaps it was the strength of my hob, no more than 15 minutes was needed, or they collapse & potentially burn! This is a really important step to master. Once you’ve done one, transfer the pancake to a plate and repeat, making more pancakes with the remaining batter, remembering there is no need for butter / oil in the pan. You just have one well done side whilst the other is steamed!

Drizzle on maple syrup to serve. So in conclusion, these are great pancakes, but they are tricky to master! Maybe under do the first one time wise, just make sure it comes out clean with a skewer inserted, they were bloomin’ lovely though!