strawberry and white chocolate muffins

by Barry Lewis


110g caster sugar (0.5 cup)
55g butter (0.25 cup)
2 eggs
250ml milk (1 cup)
1tsp vanilla extract
350g self raising flour (2.8 cups)
20 strawberries
100g white choc chips (0.6 cups)

These strawberry and white chocolate muffins are quite simply phenomenal! Perfect for any time of day too, the combination of the gooey white chocolate and mushy warmed strawberries in a freshly baked muffin works an absolute charm!

Start off by creaming together the butter and the sugar until pale and well combined. Next up add the 2 eggs and beat through again until well mixed through.

Next up the milk goes in alongside the vanilla extract, combine well. At this stage the mixture should be very wet indeed, don’t worry we will thicken it up now.

Add in the flour in batches folding through with a spatula, you can sieve in if you like but I decided not to. Once all the flour is in the mixture add in the white chocolate pieces and the strawberry chunks, mix well.

Place two tablespoons of the mixture into each muffin case sat in a muffin tray and bake for roughly 20 mins or until browned on top. Gas mark 4 or equivalent see my kitchen conversion chart.

Once out of the oven allow to cool briefly but try to still eat them warm, they taste absolutely gorgeous!!

I hope you enjoy these strawberry and white chocolate muffins as much as I did. Good luck!