Porridge Recipe

by Barry Lewis


rolled porridge oats
toppings of your choice

use double the milk to the amount of oats – measure it in anything you like! for example half a JUG of porridge oats = 1 jug milk

In this video my friend Ed joins me to show you how to make a fantastic creamy homemade porridge recipe, whilst he also shows me his exercise of the week for you to try – a very special plank!

Porridge can be made in so many different ways, I have always like my porridge (or you may call it oatmeal) creamy. To make a creamy porridge it is best to use milk, I generally go all on milk, but you could use a mix of water too. Some people just prefer water but as I say that creamy texture is great!

Get some decent quality rolled oats and plonk them in a jug, look at what line it goes up to – say 100ml. Empty the oats into the saucepan and then fill up the jug with double the volume of oats with your milk – in this case 200ml. This would work if you used a mug for example, the milk would be 2 mugs worth.

Bring the porridge to a very steady simmer slowly consistently stirring. This is important to keep them moving and the low heat will not scorch the milk.
Once at a simmer, let it bubble gently for 5 minutes before serving up with your toppings of choice!