Spam Fiesta Peach Cups

by Barry Lewis


1 tin of Spam, ground

45g (½ cup) oats

120ml (½ cup) milk

2 tbsp ketchup

1 tsp mustard

1 tin of halved peaches

I never thought I’d get to say the words: “It’s 10am and I’m excited for Spam!” in a video until now. And honestly, I hope I never have to say it again! But for a video with Mr Stuart Ashens, I had to dig up a special treat, so a retro Spam recipe it was!

You know when you’re half way through a recipe and you’re saying “it might be fine!”, it probably won’t be. How far wrong can you go with what’s basically a meatball with a bit of fruit around it?!

Well to start with, I couldn’t get hold of the tinned peaches we needed for the recipe, so we had to replace them with tinned apricots, so we weren’t off to the best start. The rest of the recipe is basically Spam with condiments. I don’t think it was the fact that I couldn’t get peaches that ruined it, I don’t think we were ever onto a winner from the beginning with this one!

Now as I mentioned, this was a vintage recipe that I had to dig up, so we’ve only got the recipe card. But luckily for you folks, I’ve typed up our version of the recipe along with a few little amendments we made to try to salvage it! If you fancy giving it a go (really?!). It’s only a few nice simple steps too! So here’s the recipe:

Spam Fiesta Peach Cups Recipe

The first step is to COMBINE all the ingredients aside from the peaches. The recipe did call for “catsup”, so we assumed good old ketchup would be the modern, UK equivalent, and prepared mustard, so I came prepared with American style mustard. 

We then simply SHAPE into 6 balls and PLACE inside the hollows of the halved peaches. As I mentioned, I couldn’t get tinned peaches but I thought apricots would do the trick. Whether they ruined the recipe or not, who’s to say?!

The next step is to BROIL (or grill, as I’ve discovered through experience!) for about 10-12 minutes about 6 inches from the flame, or the “lightsaber” depending on your oven. Ours took quite a bit less time to look charred (or scarred?!) on top, so keep a close eye on them.

Then the final step – EXTRA-GOOD EATING! Because “Spam is the exclusive blend of sweet juicy pork shoulder and mild tender ham.”

I’ve got to be honest, it made my eyes water a bit, and not because I was emotional about it!

If you want to salvage it in some way, slather on more of the mustard and ketchup until you can’t taste any of the spam or the fruit. That’s the trick, all you can taste is condiments so it’s a bit like a hot dog!