Alton Brown Pancake Recipe

by Barry Lewis


Pancake mix

350g plain flour

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

1.5tsp baking powder

1tbsp sugar

1/2tbsp salt

For making the pancakes

350ml buttermilk

60g melted butter

2 eggs

Toppings of your choice to serve

Well, what can we say about this recipe other than it excited us very much attempting it – not only homemade pancakes, but also your own DIY pancake mix to store in the cupboard. This is a recipe from Alton Brown that we really wanted to take on as it sounded so much fun and similar to the other MVK tries to date such as the Gordon Ramsay beef wellington attempt, it should be very tasty indeed – spoiler it is. Make it.

In fact the only thing that we may say we would maybe add to the mix is a little vanilla extract next time, as the pancake batter mix is just, well, batter. There’s nothing wrong with that of course and plus it’s masked in all the flavours you top it with, we went for creme fraiche, strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup – unbelievably good! So full credit goes to Alton for this recipe, we’ll just write the steps we did below, we’ve also halved the recipe too as we didn’t have that much flour in the house.

So to make the pancake mix it’s super simple, all we did was put all of the ingredients into a sealable container (or mason jar, panacke mix for a homemade gift?!) and gave it a good shake up until well mixed together. The salt, powders and sugar are obviously a little different in colour to the flour so you’ll know once it’s fully blended! But that is it, once done store in the air tight container until you want to actually push on with making the pancakes.

So for the pancake recipe themselves, take 2 cups (so roughly 250g) of the pancake mix out of the container and have it ready to one side. Crack the eggs into 2 separate bowls with the egg yolks going in one side and the egg whites going into the other. Add the melted butter in with the egg yolks and whisk well until merged and add the buttermilk in with the egg whites, whisk it well but you do not need to whisk to get stiff peaks.

Pour the egg yolks mixture in with the egg white mixture, whisk well, then add in the pancake mix – maybe sift it if you want to, we didn’t, but found that we just had to whisk it really well anyway. It’ll be really lumpy at first, but keep going and it will get really smooth!

You’re then ready to make them, so warm a pan or griddle and add a little butter, pour in some batter with a ladle, then cook for roughly 2 minutes either side, look for bubbles appearing around the edges then flip over. Cook both sides until golden brown, reserve between kitchen towel and repeat with more batter. Serve almost immediately.

Top with any toppings of your choice, but we went for the fruit, maple syrup, creme fraiche combo and it just worked a charm. There we go, another MVK tries in the bag, Alton, that was superb fair play!