Pancake art pans

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
3 mins


100g plain flour, sifted
2 large eggs
300ml milk, add gradually
1tbsp vegetable oil
vanilla extract (optional)
paste colour dyes

Ah British pancakes! Not the big chunky fluffy American style ones, which are amazing by the way. In fact, check out this video when we made some Alton Brown pancakes, they were insanely good! We’re talking British pancakes, we seem to have a liking for them here on the website – look at this pancake day recipe section or the even bigger pancake day youtube playlist! Yes, we kind of like them and they are a lot like crepes!

Recipe wise, any of the links above will show you there’s plenty of options sometimes I mix it up with butter or oil! The most important thing is to get the consistency of the batter right, especially for pancake art. By letting it rest for 20-3o minutes it does help the pancake batter to thicken slightly so you’ll get better control. You just need to get a squeezy bottle or even a water bottle with a nozzle that would do it and take your time!

Mix together the flour and eggs with a whisk and slowly add in the oil and milk a little at a time, get it lump free as best you can. Pass it through a sieve again to make sure that it is super smooth if you like. You can then add the food dye paste gradually to get the colour you like!

Lightly grease the pan and drizzle batter around the pan to create your design, do the outline first then flip, cook on a medium low flame to lightly brown, then flip and cook the other side, stack on kitchen towel and repeat til you’ve used all your batter up! (no pun intended, batter up, get it!?) ok.