Poached Egg On Toast – Christening the studio!

by Barry Lewis

Well folks it is time to christen the new kitchen studio and what better way to do it than making a poached egg just like I did in my very first video!

So this is my first video in the studio and what I would say is that it is still very much a work in progress, i’m gradually getting used to not only the layout and things but also my general working day! Even in this video and the next one you will see uploaded (gingernut recipe) the microphone in the centre of the table is on display, whereas I have already chosen to discard it! But anyhow it’s looking great in here and a poached egg was made indeedy which worked a charm.

The secret to a good poachd egg is getting the water on a very low steady simmer that is consistent, barely any bubbles. This is not a whirlpool technique or adding anything to the water.

Simply get the water in a relatively deep saucepan simmering very low and tip in a fresh large egg, as a rough guide give the egg about 2 and a half minutes to poach but keep your eye on it! Once it is looking ready, lift out with a slotted spoon and sit over a paper towel to drip dry for about 20 seconds, this prevents the egg being so damp (I know that sounds weird considering we have dumped it in water!).

Serve the poached egg on some decent bread that you have toasted and buttered, plonk the egg down, drizzle over olive oil and give a good sprinkle of pepper and fresh chopped parsley – awesome stuff!

Making the poached egg really did bring back memories of my first video! You can watch my first attempt here, but I hope you’ll agree it is all part of the story right!

Give the poached egg a try folks, good luck!