Pink Barbie BBQ Sauce

by Barry Lewis



Mayo (I actually doubled these quantities)

250ml Rapeseed Oil

1 Egg

½ Lemon, juice only

1tbsp white wine vinegar

1tbsp Djion Mustard, plus more to taste

For the BBQ Sauce

150g caster sugar

100g ketchup

50ml cider vinegar

1tsp paprika

1tsp onion powder

High concentrate pink food dye

Pink BBQ Sauce is a thing apparently. There were some images i’d been sent of a Barbie crossover with Heinz that I don’t know if were legit, but decided to give it a go at making my own from scratch! Of course I could have made it very quick mixing two things together, but getting the colour right did put me off a bit from that, this actually tastes delicious! Again, i’m not sure if this is legit, but it was fun to bring it to life!

“Homemade Barbiecue BBQ Sauce”

Make the mayo first up, this is a tricky step but very easy if you take your time and slowly add the oil to stop it ‘breaking’.

In a bowl add the egg, and whizz it with a stick blender for about 30 seconds until completely broken down and foamy. Add in the mustard, vinegar and salt then whizz again (you can add more later to taste). Now slowly trickle in the oil, very steadily whilst blending it up, as you add the oil it will combine with the egg mixture and start to thicken, just be consistent and add it in a slow steady pour until all added. You are basically emulsifying the mix together.

With that merged add in the lemon juice, more vinegar, mustard to taste mixing well. It will taste amazing! Keep it chilled and make the bbq sauce.

For that add all of the ingredients together into a saucepan (except the food colouring) stir well and bring to a simmer, I added a little water to mine to dilute it down a bit and skimmed off any foam that comes to the top as it thickens. Remove from the heat once reduced down, say 20 mins, but do keep stirring it.

Add 8 tablespoons of the sauce to the mix and stir through, then add in your food colouring a little at a time until the right colour is achieved – this of course is optional and you can decided to just have a lovely barbecue mayo if you prefer instead!