Peanut Butter Skillet Cookie

by Barry Lewis


160g butter (2/3 cup)
160g granulated sugar (3/4 cup)
160g light brown sugar (3/4 cup)
1 large egg
1tsp vanilla extract
350g plain flour (3 cups)
1tsp baking soda
pinch salt
peanuts, pb cups, ice cream (if you want!) & choc sauce to your liking

In this video recipe Barry Lewis shows you how to make a skillet cookie with reeses peanut butter cups – this easy homemade peanut butter cup skillet cookie recipe is incredibly good!

Here’s how to make it….

First up put a pan over a low flame and chuck in your butter you can cut that up to make it cut quicker but I was being lazy once it is fully melted we have 2 different types of sugar in there light brown sugar and white sugar tip them both in there and mix through over that heat until combined.
Take off the heat just to cool down for a couple of minutes, follow up by adding in the egg and the vanilla extract giving it a good old mix together too, that is not going to be enough as it is, so what we are going to do is add in our dry ingredients.

So the flour, baking soda / powder and a pinch of salt goes in. Get it all nice and mixed together what you will find is that mixture will start to firm up and become a dough at this stage you can pretty much add in anything you want.

I added in a dollop of peanut butter, some reeses peanut butter cups quartered up and some whole peanuts. Mix them into your mixture until well combined. Then simply grab your dough push it into the skillet pan, and press down working it all around until smooth and combined.

Once it is in there it may not be looking perfect on top so just add more peanut butter cups and nuts. Then whack in the oven at 350F / Gas 4 / 180C, this takes roughly 15 mins but turn the pan until happy and browned evenly. And once it is ready take out of the oven it is just a case of decorating it.

I added ice cream, some more bashed nuts and chocolate sauce on top – absolutely gorgeous! Hope you enjoy this amazing peanut butter cup skillet cookie 🙂