One pot chicken pasta

by Barry Lewis


350g pasta (I used linguine)

350g mushrooms, sliced

400g cooked chicken fillets

2tbsp olive oil (I used a flavoured basil one)

250g marscapone

2tbsp low fat green pesto

1 Litre water

4 garlic cloves, chopped finely

Handful fresh basil leaves

Generous amount of salt and pepper

A one pot recipe that actually involves just one actual pot (that you can also eat out of) tastes amazing and is ready in a flash? Ok then! This one pot chicken pesto pasta recipe will blow your mind – not only because it’s delicious, but also if you nail the theory right, you can adapt this in so many ways. I go into this in the video in some detail but you can literally switch up the pasta to rice, potatoes etc, then try different meats (if raw ones, cook them first before adding anything), change the sauce to tomato, soup etc and of course herbs and spices. Playing around with all of these elements will create a whole host of dinners you can also freeze and batch cook! The steps are sooooo simple…..are you ready for them?…..

Chuck all of the ingredients into a pan together.

Keep on a steady medium low flame on the hob. Be sure to keep the linguine moving so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan during cooking.

Cook for approximately ten mins or until almost simmered down fully and you have some sauce left, serve topped with extra basil!

That is it! Watch the video, get some inspiration and put your own spin on it! Good luck and send us a photo when you’ve done it!