Bacon honey mustard chicken

by Barry Lewis


2 chicken breasts

1tbsp wholegrain mustard

tsp fresh tyhme

handful grated cheddar cheese

1tsp honey (plus extra for brushing)

1/2 mozzarella ball

for the chips

good quality potatoes, washed

olive oil, salt and pepper

This is a gorgeously simple chicken recipe idea – bacon honey mustard chicken! Lets go into that with a bit more detail shall we? This is chicken breast, opened up and stuffed with a gorgeous mix of wholegrain mustard, cheddar cheese, mozzarella and honey. The chicken is then sealed back up and wrapped in bacon and once baked you get a super gorgeous tender chicken with a delicious cheesy filling. The video recipe also shows how to make some delicious homemade chips too! Remember if you need to convert ingredients or oven temperatures check out the cooking conversion charts.

The oven chips are simple, wash the potatoes and cut into even sized chunks / chip shapes leaving the skin on if you wish. Pat dry the chips with a kitchen towel to remove the starch and then spread on a baking tray, drizzle in olive oil, sprinkle on salt and pepper, then coat well, ensure no potatoes are stacked on top of eachother.

The chicken breasts need to have an incision in them to create an opening – do this with a sharp knife slowly and carefully along the width of the chicken breast to create a pocket.

Meanwhile mix together the cheeses, wholegrain mustard (you could use other types if you wish) and the honey in a mixing bowl, it should be a little thick and like a stuffing in texture.
Spoon the mustard mixture into the pocket of the chicken, sprinkle in some thyme then begin lifting the chicken flap over to seal in place. Wrap 2 bacon strips around the chicken to hold the pocket in place and put on a lined baking tray.

Bake both the chicken and chips in the oven at Gas 3 or equivalent for 30-35 minutes, flipping the chips halfway, put the chips on the top shelf first and if they cook a little quicker than the chicken then swap shelves! Serve up asap with a dunking pot of ketchup!