The One and Only Burger

by Barry Lewis

The one and only (no pun intended) Chesney Hawkes, told me his recipe for the perfect burger – the one and only burger, so I got involved in Sorted Foods burger quest with lovely creation.

Check out the video if you do not believe but the legend Chesney did indeed list his very own ingredients for me to use and come up with this creation – here is how we make it….

Grab your beef mince in a bowl and then combine your seasonings of choice – I opted for ground black pepper, lemon parsley seasoning and some smoked, yes smoked!! maldon salt which was super sexy indeed, give it a good mix with your hand then shape into burger shapes and sit on your baking tray lined with baking paper and another sheet on top…. whack in the fridge for at least 10 mins to firm up a bit while you crack on and prepare your fillings.

Once ready brush the burgers in a little oil before placing onto a hot griddle cook for roughly 4 to 5 minutes either side and then place on kitchen towel to rest. Consider the size of your burgers when cooking though, you may want to start at a low temperature and work your way up to cook them all the way through – best bet, keep your burgers pretty thin and flat and consistent – ok? Cool.

Once the burgers are cooked stack them and fill them your way! I went for ketchup on the base of the bap, with lettuce, the patty on top, mayo, red onions, tomato slice, mustard, avocado and then the lid on top!

The flavour combinations are absolutely superb, this was Chesney’s choice of burger but the list is endless – check out Sorted Food’s #beatmyburger burger quest to get involved and submit your own recipes – hope you give this gorgeous homemade burger a go!