Nutella Dirt Cup Graveyard

by Barry Lewis


400g nutella (140z)
400g cream cheese (140z)
4tbsp icing sugar
leftover cake
10 choc biscuits
green sugar crystals
ice cream wafers
silver edible spray
melted milk chocolate for RIP letters

This is a really fun recipe for Halloween party food – nutella dirt cup graveyards. I loved making these, but in fact as you will see in the video, it was pretty much the kids that did all the work, it’s super fun, a little messy, plus a fun treat to serve to guests.

Start off bashing your biscuits in a freezer bag, keep bashing using a rolling pin until you have achieved fine crumbs. Spoon a dollop of crumbs in the bottom of some cups.

Next up cut up some leftover cake into cubes, if you don’t have any make one or buy one from a store! Just rough chunks will do, press them down into the cup so you reach about half way.

Add in a bowl the nutella, icing sugar and cream cheese and mix until combined it should be a smooth texture and light brown in colour.

Dollop this nutella filling into the cups nearly all the way to the top, then it is just a case of decorating. Use green sugar crystals to look like grass, I sprayed some ice cream wafers silver with edible spray and RIP in melted chocolate for a gravestone, plus some leftover biscuit crumbs to help the grave have a soil effect. Finishing with a skeleton skull works a charm!

Hope you like this recipe for nutella dirt cup graveyards, if you want some more Halloween inspiration check the Halloween recipe idea section of the website. In fact here is a pretty cool recent recipe I also made with Phoebe they are called chocolate ganache spiders and are a slighty more flashy version for a party