Nutella Cupcakes

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
15 mins
Cook time
20 mins



400g (1.3 cups) Nutella

350g (2.6 cups) Icing sugar

Tsp vanilla extract

450g butter (2 cups)



210g 1.6 (cups) plain flour

225g (1 cup) sugar

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp bicarb of soda

160g (0.7 cups) butter

150g (0.5 cups) Nutella

3 egg whites

230g (1 cup) sour cream

Tsp vanilla extract


Chopped hazelnuts to finish

This recipe for nutella cupcakes has been requested a lot recently, and I have finally given in! These are triple nutella cupcakes, I have put nutella in the cupcake batter, in the actual cupcake once baked for a core centre and there is also a nutella buttercream frosting, sounds like a lot of work but trust me these are incredible and taste phenomenal, you must must must give them a go! I’ve tried to make this nutella recipe as easy as possible, but if you want something easier, give these 3 ingredient nutella cookies a try!

So first up we will make the nutella cupcake batter. Mix all of the dry ingredients for the batter together into a large bowl until combined. Next up add in the wet ingredients being sure to use butter at room temperature and warming the nutella in the microwave first to make it more maneuverable. This actually goes for the frosting too, save your arm muscles get everything room temperature! Mix all the wet ingredients, so the egg whites, nutella, butter, vanilla extract and sour cream into the dry, give it a good stir until you get a nice smooth batter. Oh and you can omit the sour cream and use milk if you prefer, I just like the very slight sharpness & texture that it adds to the final bake.

Spoon into cupcake cases just over halfway up and bake in the oven for 20 minutes until risen, allowing to cool. The oven should be pre-heated to Gas 4 or alternative (see oven temperature conversion chart)

Meanwhile make the frosting mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl, if you have warmed your nutella you may need to let the frosting mixture stand for ten minutes so it firms up. This is perfect as you have to let the cakes cool anyway.

An optional thing when the cupcakes are ready is to get a knife and cut a hole out of the top and fill with nutella, then replace the lid back on. This is optional and very naughty!

Finish the cupcakes by frosting them in the nutella buttercream and sprinkling with chopped hazelnuts. Delicious!

I’ve actually had in the past a bit of a fear of frosting and baking, but the recent combination of getting a new oven and bit of frosting practice is making me want to explore all types of baking more frequently. I may have a regular bake of the week segment coming soon!

If you try this recipe do not forget to let me know how you get on by sending me pictures on any of my social media links above. Good luck!