Multiple tier chocolate fudge cake

by Barry Lewis



3 eggs

170g caster sugar

170g butter

170g self raising flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

40g cocoa powder

5tsbp hot water



200g butter

200g icing sugar

200g dark chocolate, melted

This video recipe for a rather gigantic chocolate fudge cake was just a bit of fun really, and hey, it’s my Birthday so why not eh?! Chocolate fudge cake is my ultimate cake, such simplicity yet ultimate indulgence!! Here I added a little strawberry jam between each layer. The ingredients and method below are for two sponges – not the ten in the video ok, that was just a funny stunt.

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 4 or equivalent.

Start of by creaming together the butter and sugar using an electric whisk. Whisk well until smooth and creamy, drop in 3 eggs and whisk again, until combined.

Add in the self-raising flour and baking powder, then fold through with a spatula. In a separate bowl mix the cocoa powder with hot water and mix to form a sort of putty texture that bonds together but is not wet. Add this in with the cake mix once formed and whisk through with the electric whisk.

Spoon into two greased and lined sandwich cake tins baking for 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Allow to cool fully on a wire rack.

Make the buttercream by whisking together the butter and icing sugar until completely smooth. Then pour in the room temperature melted butter and again whisk, this creates a gorgeous chocolate buttercream!

Use the buttercream to wedge and top the cake to your liking – I really hope you enjoy this super simple chocolate fudge cake recipe, garnish with any extras you wish too like sprinkles, nuts, grated chocolate etc.

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