Monte Cristo Sandwich

by Barry Lewis


4 slices decent bread
2 eggs
4 slices cooked ham (I went for honey roast)
1tbsp mayo
1tbsp mustard
block of gruyere cheese
salt & pepper
icing sugar (confectionary sugar) optional to dust

In this video I’ll show you how to make a monte cristo sandwich with gooey gruyere cheese and honey roast baked ham, easy, homemade and gorgeous! I’m actually giving a new microphone a try using during this video so please excuse the slightly different presentation approach, but I hope you will agree it is still all looking great, because trust me this tastes incredible!

Start off by cracking your eggs togther and seasoning with salt and pepper in a bowl, giving a gentle mix with a fork until well combined.

Then make the sandwich to your liking, try to get some really good quality thick bread and ham to your liking (or any other meat, but honey roast worked a charm!).

Spread the honey and mustard on both slices of the bread, top one slice with grated gruyere cheese, then top with the ham, add more cheese, more ham, then a final layer of cheese. Ensure the sandwich layers you have added are all layered level – nobody wants the leaning tower of monte cristo sandwich. Top with the other sandwich half and gently press down on top.

Warm some butter in a pan over a medium flame until bubbling, meanwhile dunk the sandwich in the beaten egg and coat both sides. Fry in the butter for roughly 2 mins until golden brown, flipping and repeating on the other side.

Once done rest on kitchen towel, slice in half and dust with some icing sugar to give it a sweet edge! Super naughty.

I really hope you give this monte cristo sandwich a try, it kind of reminds me of a croque monsieur which I have made previously, but I really enjoy the different levels of flavour within this sandwich. Super good!