Macaroni and cheese in a mug

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
6 mins


40g (1/3 cup) macaroni
115ml (1/2 cup) water 115ml
40g (1/3 cup) grated cheddar cheese
2 tsp milk
1 tbsp butter
1tsp grated red cheese
ground black pepper

In this video recipe I will show you how to make a macaroni and cheese in a mug using your microwave it takes just over 6 minutes in total to be eating a gooey cheese feast that you will love!
This is the first in a playlist this Month of mug recipes, something that always surprises me is how good they turn out, the microwave can often be criticised for being a bit of a lazy appliance, but in actual fact to me it is just one of those modern day items that love it or hate it you cannot deny their flexibility. In making a macaroni and cheese in a mug in the microwave this is a great example of just that!

I’m using an 800w microwave and we will be cooking the macaroni for 6 minutes until softened in one minute bursts on full power.

Start by adding in the water and the macaroni, stir then microwave for the first minute. Remove from the microwave carefully and stir with a long spoon then return again for a further minute. Repeat these steps over until you reach the 6 minute stage. The water should pretty much be gone but if it runs out top it up slightly as you go.

Once ready top with butter and cheese then mix through carefully using the long spoon until melted. Add freshly ground pepper on top and some more cheese then eat immediately! If it goes cold give it a ten second blast in the microwave again, super yummy, gooey, you’ll love this!