Sweet and Sour Chicken in a mug

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
6 mins


(per mug)
2tsp cornflour
1/2 chicken breast, cubed
1/4 red pepper, sliced
1 spring onion, sliced
handful dried noodles
100ml (0.4 cups) pineapple juice (reserve 1tbsp)
1tbsp pineapple pieces
handful water chestnuts
50ml water (0.2 cups)
1tsp garlic paste
1tsp ginger paste
1 tbsp of …. brown sugar, soy sauce, ketchup,
white wine vinegar

In this video recipe I show you how to make sweet and sour chicken in a mug using your microwave! This is such a cool thing to make and I really hope you give it a go and put your own twist on it!

Start off by making the sweet and sour sauce, add the majority of the pineapple juice (except the reserved amount) to a different mug to the final one you plan to use, then add in the rest of the ingredients for the sauce – the ketchup, sugar, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, garlic and ginger pastes. Mix well until it turns a deep red colour, this is our sweet and sour base to be used shortly.

Now lets get the final mug going, add the cornflour with remaining pineapple juice and mix well together until combined, make sure you give it a good scrape to get rid of any lumps. Then add in the chopped pepper, spring onion and your chicken pieces, mix well, then top up with the water and the sweet and sour sauce, this should be pretty near the top of them mug now.

Microwave for 2 minutes (i’m using an 800W microwave), then remove and allow to cool. Add in the pineapple and water chestnuts, cover with cling film and pierce with a fork then blast again for another 2 minutes in the microwave.

The mug should be getting hot now so be careful folks. The last step is to add in the dried noodles, so remove the cling film when safe to do so, push in as many noodles as you can, then re-seal in cling film piercing again with a fork, blast in the microwave for another 2 minutes then gobble up! That’s it folks, easy peasy, delicious sweet and sour chicken recipe in a mug from scratch.

Good times, give it a go and let me know how you get on! If you like this recipe why not try this macaroni cheese in a mug or cooked breakfast in a mug