Chicken Gyros

by Barry Lewis


8 mini chicken fillets
1 tbsp mediterranean seasoning
1 red pepper, sliced into matchsticks
½ red onion, diced
4 pittas
to serve lettuce, greek cheese, sweet chilli sauce

tzatziki sauce
½ cucumber, peeled and chopped chunky
5tbsp greek yoghurt
handful fresh dill,
1/2 juice of a lemon

This recipe was voted for by you guys on here so thanks a bunch! Chicken gyros (pronounced ‘yeeros’) I hope are an extremely popular Greek snack with pitta bread. In this recipe i’m showing you how to make chicken gyros complete with a homemade tzatziki sauce – you’ll love it and so will your friends!

First up make the tzatziki sauce by simply combining all of the ingredients listed below in a bowl – plonk in the fridge until the very end, simple huh?! I have made mine quite chunky so if you would prefer it smoother plonk this all together in a mini blender and whizz together.

Take your chicken and give it a good coat of olive oil and coat well in the seasoning, stirring well to combine and stick to the chicken. Cook the mini fillets in a pan for a good ten minutes or until cooked through. You can cook them to the point that they are golden brown if you wish for slightly more flavour, but I actually avoided that this time as I find the edges tough like that and wanted the chicken to be super tender throughout. Dice your cooked chicken on a board and place to one side.

Warm up your pitta breads in the oven for 5 minutes then load them up with your chicken, tzatziki sauce and garnish of your choice. Sweet chilli sauce is not traditionally used but hey I thought I would give it a go as i’m not a huge fan of greek cheese it masked the flavour!

I hope you give these absolutely sensationally simple chicken gyros a go, they really are foolproof and extremely flexible in terms of fillings – enjoy!