Homemade Roast Coffee

by Barry Lewis

I was lucky enough to attend a short coffee making masterclass recently and whilst I am not the biggest coffee expert in the World, I will admit I loved what I learnt, i’ve done my best in this video to show you a bit and maybe inspire you to try for yourself. We’re roasting raw green coffee beans from Colombia in the oven and using a funky gadget!

All you need to do is source some raw coffee beans online and with a few tools – such as a coffee grinder and a french press, you’ll be on your way!

If oven baking, bake the raw coffee beans on a baking tray for 20 mins, or until well charred in an oven at 210fan/230c or equivalent, stirring every 5 minutes to try and help them cook evenly. Allow them to cool then stir in a colander over a saucepan with a wooden spoon to remove the chaff. Leave the beans overnight for best results and grind up and make your coffee as per normal when needed!

If you do or don’t grind them up immediately, the coffee beans / ground coffee can be stored for 6 Months in an airtight container!