Lamb Roast Dinner

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
25 mins
Cook time
120 mins


Roast Lamb
Approx 1.5kg Leg of lamb

Flaky salt & pepper

Few sprigs of rosemary

1 onion, peeled and halved

vegetable oil


1tbsp plain flour

1-2tbsp red wine

200ml water

vegetable stock cube

Root vegetable puree

1kg mixed root veg

Salt and pepper

1tbsp butter

Mint Sauce

2tbsp sugar

1tbsp white wine vinegar

3tbsp water

Good handful fresh mint leaves, stalks removed

Minty peas

Pinch of mint

250g peas

½ tbsp butter

It’s time for part four of the roast dinner playlist and this thyme (sorry, time)…, it’s roast lamb with homemade gravy, mint sauce, root vegetable mash & minty peas. If you missed the other videos in the series you can click here to see roast beef & yorkshire puddings here to see the roast chicken, & here to say the roast pork with apple sauce. This is a really fun recipe to make and if you get your timings right you can smash it out of the park & mix up any sides for vegetables as you see fit! Lets get to it…

Roast Lamb

This is delicious and it’s really fun to carve up too as you get so much meat! Get lamb with the bone in if you like, it’s just as easy to carve it! My leg of lamb was 1.5kg, give it a wash and a pat dry then sit in a roasting tin. Brush with the oil, season well with flaky salt and pepper, then pierce some holes with a knife into the lamb and insert rosemary into the leg. Whilst you are there chuck the halved onion into the pan and chuck in an extra sprig or rosemary – this will flavour the gravy and give you a bonus roasted onion at the end!

Here’s the cooking times:

Remove the cooked lamb from the roasting tray (& the roasted onion!) onto another tray to rest. Allow to rest for 25-30 mins loosely covered in foil before carving up.

To make the gravy, use the juices from the pan and warm over the hob in the pan. Add 1tbsp plain flour and mix with a wooden spoon to form a paste. Pour in the water (or use the water from the root veg mash) and add the stock cube and the wine. Bring to a simmer for a few minutes, then pass through a sieve. Warm if needed before serving if you need to wait for other things.


Mint Sauce

Really simple this. Finely chop the mint, then get a frying pan and add all the ingredients in there. Bring up to a simmer and stir with a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients together. Keep it simmering for a few minutes but don’t remove all the fluid, keep it a little moist. Pour into a small jar and allow to sit and infuse for a few minutes. You can freeze this or keep chilled as it’s normally served cold with the lamb.

Root vegetable mash

A really nice chunky mash to serve with any roast. Simply simmer the vegetables (primarily carrots if you can) in a pan until softened, make sure they are cut even sizes so they cut evenly. This will take roughly 30 minutes. Drain, season well and add the butter. You can now either mash roughly for a chunky root mash or pass it through a blender for more of a puree vibe – either way a naughty buttery, nutty root vegetable side that goes down a storm!

Minty peas

Again, really easy this. Grab a frying pan and add your peas with enough water to just cover them. Add in the mint and the butter and bring up to a simmer. Keep gently simmering for 5 minutes, drain and serve with a little extra mint / butter on top if you wish! That’s it. Just a lovely little minty edge on the peas.


Serve up with vegetables of your choice! Customise this whole thing and make it your own mixing with the other sides on this playlist! Next up is a vegetarian alternative which i’m really excited to try…. thanks to all of you that have sent me in pictures on social media, it’s awesome to know how you get on!