Homemade Fish and Chips

by Barry Lewis


2cm – 3cm cut and peeled maris piper potatoes
Sunflower oil
Chips to around 120 degrees c first dunk in oil
Up to 160 c degrees second dunk in oil

Bowl of frozen peas
Knob of butter
Handful fresh mint

Pollock fish fillets (or alternative)
200g flour with seasoning of salt
Your favourite beer (around 250ml will do it but add gradually)

300g mayo
2 hard boiled eggs
50g capers
Handful fresh fennel tops (I used dill)
1 shallot finely diced
Juice of half a lemon

In this video recipe I am showing you how to make the most amazing fish and chips recipe I have ever tasted! This was inspired by a trip to River cottage where I learnt the dish from Gill one of their top chefs but wanted to replicate the dish myself at home – here is how I got on, it’s sensational with a really cheeky beer batter.