Homemade Eggnog

by Barry Lewis


4 eggs, separated

70g caster sugar +1tbsp extra for egg whites

1/2 nutmeg nut, freshly grated

250ml double cream

500ml semi skimmed milk

1tbsp bourbon / whisky (optional)


Alright so as I mention in the video, I have made eggnog latte before but I did not quite understand quite simply how naughty and nice eggnog is! This is a cold recipe although you can serve it warm and temper the eggs with the hot cream. This was incredibly good and you could not really taste the bourbon, it gave it a little smoky edge possibly but it’s a really thick and tasty custard type recipe, that I will definitely have over many a future Christmas!

Start by whisking your egg yolks in a bowl until thickened and lighter in colour, add in the sugar, milk, cream and grate the nutmeg into it, whisk gently until well combined, it should go a little lighter in colour once the milk and cream work their way into it! Leave to one side for the moment.

With a clean set of whisks, whip up the egg whites until soft peaks form, then add in the tablespoon of sugar and the bourbon (if using) and whisk through briefly. Pour the egg white mixture into the bowl with the whisked egg yolks combination, until fairly smooth. This is the eggnog all done! Place in the fridge to chill.

Once cool pour into a glass and add a little of the froth from the bowl to the top and garnish with extra nutmeg, truly a naughty festive treat! Enjoy, I loved this 🙂